Moscow City Bar Association Business Advisory Group provides the following types of legal assistance for legal entities:

  • subscription legal services
  • legal advice on civil, corporate, labor, and tax laws
  • development and expert review of the company's charter documents
  • representation of company interests
  • legal analysis of contracts and other documents
  • projects legal support
  • due diligence
  • legal assistance on separate issues
  • corporate disputes
  • taxation
  • contract law
  • realty
  • insolvency (bankruptcy)
  • privatization
  • Foreign Exchange Control Law of Russia
  • Antithrust Law and Competition Protection Law
  • appeal against actions of the State bodies and officials hindering entrepreneurship
  • protection of business reputation
  • protection during police checks
  • out-of-court and pre-trial resolution of economic and administrative disputes, conflicts with partners and regulatory authorities
  • representation in public and local authorities
  • representation in Arbitration and Federal court, in Court of Referees in commercial litigation
  • support in enforcement proceedings
  • negotiation support
  • registration, reorganization, liquidation of legal entities
  • protection and representation in criminal proceedings on economic crimes
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